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Welcome to LODLC

On behalf of the Vice Chancellor, Board of Lautech Open and Distance Learning Centre (LODLC) and the entire staff of the Centre, I welcome you all to our website.  I also wish to salute the members of the University community, especially my colleagues in different departments, for their commitment in the development of the activities of the Centre.

The Centre was established by the institution to provide quality education through the Open and Distance Learning mode to qualified applicants that may not have the opportunity to attend a full-time programme by reason of their official engagements in their work places or those who, for lack of infrastructures in tertiary institutions, were denied admission in the face-to-face mode of learning.  This is the reason LODLC is driven by an overriding desire to open up access to high quality standard in an environment that is flexible, open and speaks to personal and collective realities.

It is delightful to note that our website has a robust interactive Learning Management System that provides a platform for exciting and enriching interaction with our students and requisite feedbacks from our e-tutors, learners support and facilitators in compliance with established best practices with the deployment of appropriate technologies by the centre.  We have bridged the geographical gap with the use of tools that will make you feel you are in the classroom as you find in the face-to-face mode.      

In addition to the above, our Centre also provides wide range of support services and resources to help learners succeed in their studies and to manage other areas of life that may impact on their studies.  In this regard, we have trained Counsellors and highly skilled human resource persons that will provide specific Information, Advice and Guidance to prospective students, applicants, existing students and our would-be Alumni members.

As expected, our programme Co-ordinators consist of seasoned academics that are passionate and committed to making your learning environment exciting, stimulating and interesting.  They are equally eager to make significant contributions to facilitate the successful completion of your programme and prepare you for a bright future.

I encourage you to take advantage of our engaging academic activities driven by emerging technologies that make our course preparations slick and interesting, with high quality and graphically rich content.  Here, our emphasis is not merely on grades or class rank but the development of personal and entrepreneurial skills that will make the realization of your life goals possible and worthwhile.

Once again, on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, and the Governing Board of Lautech Open and Distance Learning Centre, I welcome you to our website and urge you to constantly check the website for updates on things that concern you and the Centre’s activities.  I am certain you will have an exciting experience throughout your programme at our Centre.

Prof. T. Ebijuwa
Director, LODLC

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