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Follow these steps carefully
  • Step 1: Click on APPLY NOW tab from the main website htttp://
  • Step 2: Read the instruction on this page. The page comprises of the admission requirement    and the amount expected to be paid for application fee
  • Step 3 : Click on each of the categories to get more information about a particular one of your choice
  • Step 4 : When you have gone through all the requirements and you are ready to apply. Click on the APPLY NOW button on the right hand side of the instructions
  • Step 5 : This page is the registration stage. Please note that the system has generated the login ID for you. Go ahead and fill in every other detail correctly. After filling everything, click the Create Account button. On a successful creation of account, the system sends an activation mail to the email address you have entered. Go ahead to your email to activate the account
  • Step 6 : Go ahead and click the activation link in your email.
  • Step 7 : After activation, click on login button
  • Step 8 : Enter your login credentials and click on the login button
  • Step 9 : Immediately you login, the system will check if you have paid for application, if no then you will be redirected to where to make payment. On the page click on Pay Now
  • Step 10 : Now you are on Interswitch Page, here you will enter your card information to be able to make the allotted payment