Mission, Vision, Philosophy, Objectives, Motto


To provide suitable condition for the advancement of knowledge through research and learning; produce self-reliant graduates, apply technology-driven knowledge to creativity and positively impact on the global environment and be epitome of integrity and service.


To be a centre of academic excellence for the advancement of technology in meeting socio-cultural needs of the society.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of the LODLC is driven by an overriding desire to open up access to high quality, global standard and relevant education in an environment that is flexible, open, and humane and speaks to personal and collective realities. In pursuit of this, only appropriate technology shall be deployed and barriers to an engaging and satisfying learning experience will be minimized.


Arising from the stated philosophy, the overriding objective is to create a platform for equitable and open access to education and opportunities. In doing this, the specific objectives of LAUTECH ODL are as follows:

To broaden access to science and technology-based education;
To increase access of people to formal and non-formal education in a manner convenient to individual circumstances;
To promote science and technology literacy in order to enhance socio-economic development;
To provide needs-driven and skills-based education;
To promote gender equality in science-based disciplines.


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